In the Winter 2017 issue of the Journal de bord, the magazine of the members of the Association Lapérouse Albi-France, notice is given of a change in management of the Museum:

With effect from 1 January 2018, the city administration of Albi will take over the direct management of the Museum, which has become too heavy and complex with respect to our current means.  Armelle de Brondeau, who has a very detailed memory of the place, will remain at her post, as a municipal employee, which will provide her with a more relaxed position, which was one of the main objectives. Allow me, on behalf of all the members of our association, to thank her here for the work carried out since August 2004 and especially for her  contribution which went much beyond the requirements of her job. The best evidence of her skills is the unanimity of opinion regarding them.

We can be proud of our involvement in the life of the Museum with a trebling of visitors and takings between 2004 and 2017.

The Museum receives funding from both the City of Albi, as well as the Tarn Department (the French equivalent of a state government).

(photo: Armelle de Brondeau and former Vice President, Michel Gardes, in the Museum in Albi;  translation Dr William Land)