Friends of the Laperouse Museum Executive Committee

Executive Committee of the Friends for 2018 (in bold)

Contact for the Executive Committee

Carol and Charles



President:  Carol Abela with Charles Abela


Bernard le Boursicot and Georges Brouet 

Vice President: Bernard Le Boursicot  pictured with Georges Brouet




Secretary: Tony Gentile

photo 2



Treasurer: Greg Bond

Bill and Margaret Sankey



Prof Margaret Sankey with former President and Life Member, Dr Bill Land.



Gail Tring and Ryan Gollan 




Marie Gittard with Councillor Carlos da Rocha



Camille Dezarnaulds Life Member



Web Peter


Mrs Carole Roussel (centre), Priscilla Bonham-Carter(L) with Life Member and former President, Dr Peter Orlovich


WEB Lily Matt


Mrs Lily Bond pictured with Patron Matt Thistlethwaite MP

WEB Friends


Betty de la Torre and Ted Hayes


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