Guerrilla Gardeners blitz La Perouse bus shed

12th March 2009

Guerrilla Gardeners, impersonating Australian Museum Archeologists,  began work at the Bus Shed at 6am and finished at 4.30pm.  Botany Bay Police checked them over, as did Randwick Council and National Parks staff.  There was relief all round when it was confirmed that the STA were responsible for the property.  No bureaucrats surfaced but the bus drivers unamimously gave the  ‘thumbs up’.   Vic Simms gave an interview and a couple of Goorawahl Gardeners lent a hand.  Photos from the top:  Starting out – 7am;  the bus shed in stages; the plaque to the French Cruiser Gloire; 4 production scenes;  Goorawahl Guerrillas; Vic Simms in interview; checked out by Botany Police; the finishing touches and the end result.

Guerrilla Gardening has a long history in La Perouse and one of the best examples has been the conversion of a muddy car park into scenic Cann Park in 1993.   Over 400 local residents turned out for the weekend makeover organised by the La Perouse precinct and Clean Up Australia. Before and after photos:  from  Snakes Alive! by John Cann.

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