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LIMITED EDITION PRINTS OF ETCHINGS (numbered) by  Pamela Griffith

Monument to French Navigators 


Edition of 300 Platemark 28cm x 22cm one of three etchings commissioned by the Laperouse Association for the Australian Bicentenary to mark the opening on the Museum on 23rd February 1988.

unframed – members $100 non-members $150

Framing by negotiation



Botany Bay 1788

Edition of 150 39.8 x 60.7 cm (plate-mark) unframed:  members $150 non-members $200

Framing by negotiation


     Pere Receveur, Franciscan, Scientist and Voyager with Laperouse, by Professor Ed Duyker.   members $10 non-members $12



Laperouse Sailing through the Enlightenment, by Anne Pons, ed Nicole Forrest Green.  members $10 non-members $15










Friendship Pin $5.00

Key-rings: members $3.00 non-members $5

CD on the Laperouse Expedition: members $15  non-members $25


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  1. Perhaps this image might be made somehow into a merchandise item?

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