Plaques & Visits 2001-2020

2004, 2006 & 2013 – Le Vendémiaire

Le Vendémiaire

(no 2013.15)

This is one of three plaques commemorating visits by this vessel to Sydney. We have the dates of two of those visits, in May 2004 and July 2006 respectively, but the date of the visit commemorated by the donation of this particular plaque is not known at this stage. She last visited Australia (but not Sydney) in November 2012.

Le Vendémiaire is a light monitoring frigate (‘frégate de surveillance’) of the French Navy.  She is the fifth ship of the Floréal class and is named after the first month of the Republican calendar.

Le Vendémiaire was deployed in East Timor as part of the Australian-led INTERFET   peacekeeping taskforce from 20 September to 17 November 1999.

Le Vendémiaire and her sister ship Le Nivôse are reasonably frequent visitors to Sydney.

Le Vendémiaire (displacement 2600 tonnes, length 93.5 m., draught 4.4.m.) was built by the ‘Chantiers de l’Atlantique’ and was launched on 23 August 1991.

Its home port is Noumea. It is still in active service.

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