Newsletters 1990-1997

NEWSLETTERS PUBLISHED 1990 – 1997 – Click on the Vol and No highlighted to read.

A Laperouse Museum:  Whose Idea was it anyway.  June 1987

vol-1-no-1-1990 Return of 1 of 16 cannons (pierriers) from La Boussole;”Being a Museum Friend:  What it Means”- Jim Mackaness;

vol-1-no-2-1990  In Memoriam Pierre Roussel; “Instrument Room; Origins of the Bastille Day Commemoration in Australia” – Peter Orlovich; Letters – including Pamela Griffith & Francois Bellec, Directeur Musee de la Parine, Paris

vol-1-nos-34-1991 Professor Clancy introducing his rare Map Collection; “La Perouse to Eleonore” – Shane McCauley

vol-2-no-1-1991 Laperouse Day 23 February 1991 with Patron Gough Whitlam; “French Contributions to Charting Australia’s Coastline ” – Hugh Birch; Jennifer Carter’s travel notes on Paris and Albi.

vol-2-no-2-1991 M. Xavier Driencourt, Consul-General at Bastille Celebrations;Friend’s support from Museum restoration; “To Vanikoro – in the Wake of Laperouse” – Lucien-Brun; letter from President of the Albi/France Laperouse Association

vol-2-no-3-1992 AGM report; Laperouse Day 1992 celebrations with naval vessels from French Pacific Fleet and the Yalunga Festival organised by Marjorie Timbery;”The Impact of Laperouse on French Map making in Australian-Pacific Waters” – Robert Clancy

vol-3-no-1-1992 The Laperouse Tapestry at last!;  “The impact of Laperouse on Mapping of the Australian-Pacific Region by the French – 1”; Fashion Parade; France -Australie Regatta;Presentation of copy of Laperouse’s letter written at Botany Bay.

vol-3-no-2-1992 Twilight Concert; Grand Pique-Nique; “The Impact of Laperouse on Mapping of the Austrlaian-Pacific Region by the French – part 2”;  Letter from Reece Discombe; Life Membership awarded Mr Peter Curtis, former Australian Ambassador to French.

vol-3-no-3-1993 “The Impact of Laperouse on Mapping of the Australian – Pacific Region by the French”; Tapestry now on display – photo John Winch, Patricia Forsythe, M.Michel Legras (Consul-General), Mr Bill Gillooly, Director NPWS.

vol-3-no-4-1993 “Laperouse Day;Reece Discombe Update;Donations; Bob Bowdey’s Search for Boussole; Farewell to Capitain Yves Le Borgne and Madame Pauline Le Borgne; Reciprocal benefits for Members.

vol-4-no-1-1993 Bastille Day 1993 with NSW Govenor Rear Admiral Peter Sinclair; Prof. Clancy ‘s President’s Message including La Perouse Peninsula Plan by National Parks;  Reece Discombe Donation; The Sad Saga of Peter Dillion;

vol-4-no-2-1993 AGM & Grand Pique-Nique with Mr and Mrs Whitlam and Commandant Estellon; Museum Report – 12,000 visitors from June 92-93.  “The Tragedy at Lituya Bay”.

vol-4-no-3-1994 Laperouse Day 1994; Receveur Mass 1994; “Laperouse in Macao”;

vol-4-no-4-1994 Bastille Day; Opening of the Instrument Room; Public Programs at the Museum; The Romance of Sail.

vol-5-no-1-1996: AGM & Grand Pique-nique President’s Report; Visitors; Obituary for Group Captain Hugh Birch DFC;Curator’s Report; Honour for Carole Roussel.

vol-6-no-1-1997: President’s Letter; Jennifer Carter appointed Regional Manager; Letter from Bob Carr on rearrangement of Museum; Return of the French Navy.

vol-6-no-2-1997: President’s request for help; Launch of Laperouse CD Rom; Farewell to Consul General M.Thierry Viteau and Catherine; Laperouse Day; Visit by M. Henri de Bonzac de Bougainville; Maritime Museum for New Caledonia; Carole Roussel retires; Curator’s Report on money for Interpretation Plan and Donations from The Overseas Telecommunications Veterans Association

L’expedition – June 2007: Tributes to John Winch and Reece Discombe; French School Exhibition; Receveur Mass; New books.


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