The Laperouse Museum was contained in the Instrument Room(central, lower floor) and the lower and upper floors of the Southern Wing of the historic Barnet designed Cable Station. It occupied three rooms on the lower floor, in addition to part of the Instrument Room, and 5 rooms on the upper floor.  During the summer of 2009/2010 the Museum was closed, the walls were painted in ‘off-white’, and the number of rooms displaying the collection were reduced.  All that remains of the original paint work is the mural in what used to be the Wrecks Room.  The photographs below provide a glimpse of how it appeared prior to the summer of 2009/2010.

The interior design and painting of the Laperouse museum was planned and executed by Guy de Compiegne, architect, Stanislas de Hauteclocque, art gallery owner and art expert, and Francois Olivier, artist specialising in murals and trompe l’oeil.



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