Shipwrecks of Botany Bay


List of Vessels wrecked in Botany Bay

Minmi at Cape Banks

NAME Year Type Where
Sir William Broughton 1820 Sloop South Head
Flying Fox 1847 Cutter South Head reef
Fanny 1870 Schooner North Head
Peri 1874 Schooner Henry Head
Pioneer 1875 Steamer screw South Head,ashore
Prompt 1881 Schooner Ashore near Govt.Pier
Sea Breeze 1883 Ketch North Head
Advance 1884/2/11 Schooner Henry Head Bight
Advance 1897/07/26 Schooner Lady Robinson Beach
Advance 1902/06/12 Schooner Henry Head
Minnie Wamsley 1903 Steamer screw Botany Bay
Olive 1930 Yawl Frenchmans Beach
Eileen 1934   Kurnell
Minmi 1937 Steamer screw Cape Banks


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