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 web Carole and Pierre RousselWe all owe Pierre Roussel a debt of gratitude. Our area and our community are the better for his works and deeds.   And it is appropriate that we commemorate his vision and work with this annual address. Matt T Lecture

The Honorable Matt Thistlethwaite (MP for Kingsford Smith and Patron of the Friends of the Laperouse Museum) delivering the inaugural Pierre Roussel Lecture at the Friends AGM 30 November 2014

Matt Carole Eric and Bill Carole George Madeleine
Collette Yves Bill

Tony and Don
Bill George Madeleine NicolemadeleineOn the VerandahMatt and Nicole Barry Kinnaird (Photographs: Pierre and Carole Roussel at the opening of the Laperouse Museum in 1988; Matt Thistlethwaite, Don Harwin, Madeleine and Eric Berti and members at the AGM.  The ultimate crème-brûlée was contributed by Yves Richard pictured(l) with Collette and Bill.  Barry Kinnard displayed maps of the d’Entrecasteaux expedition, sent in search of Laperouse)