Mass held at 11am:
Despite  rain over 250 attended the Annual Receveur Mass, celebrated by St. Andrews, Malabar.  Seating was available in a marque sponsored by Randwick City Council and a Sausage Sizzle was provided by the Lions Club with drinks from Friends of the Laperouse Museum.

The Mayor, Councillor Scott Nash and the Consul General for France, Eric Berti, each laid wreaths on the tomb.  Matt Thistlethwaite, the member for Kingsford Smith also attended.

Fr. Chris Shorrock from Melbourne officiated.

WEB  Receveur Grave 2014 MassWEB Verandah 2VerandahWEB ProcessionWEB Procession 2WEB Madeleine Matt Scott EricWEB  Priests at Grave 2WEB  Singers MassWEB GatheringWeb Musicians with Madeleine
MattWEB MonumentWEB Flag and Monument

Mass held at 8am:

Carleton Mass 3 WEBCarleton Mass 2 WEBCarleton Mass 1  WEB

From Frank Carleton:
Views of the authentic 2014 annual Pere Receveur Commemoration, an event which has occurred every year since 1988 when was commemorated on 14th February the bicentenary of Pere Receveur’s death with the Latin Office of the Dead chanted by a Gregorian schola. In 2014 it was Mass in the ancient traditional rite of the Catholic Church celebrated by Father Sayed Elias of the Society of St. Pius X who also preached the occasional sermon. Fundamentally this annual event commemorates the inception of the Mass in Australia by the two priests of the Laperouse Expedition, Pere Laurent Receveur and the Abbe Jean Andre Mongez. Because an ordonnance of 1765 obliged chaplains in the old French royal navy to say Mass on Sundays and Holy Days except the weather prevented and given the number of Sundays (9) and Holy days (26) according to an eighteenth century Roman Calendar of 1781 between 26th January and 10th March, 1788 it seems from simple calculation that both priests of the Laperouse Expedition said up to 40 Masses including the Requiem presumed to have been said for Pere Receveur, who died on Sunday, February 17th, by his surviving confrere, the Abbe Mongez.