Flying 3The first official airmail carried in Australia was flown from Melbourne to Sydney in July, 1914, in a tiny Bleriot aircraft flown by Frenchman, Maurice Guillaux. More details about the Bleriot from Powerhouse Museum. 

Although the flying time for this historic trip was 9½ hours, Guillaux took two and a quarter days to cover the distance. He carried 1785 postcards, which had been sold for 2s. each.

This was not only the beginnings of Australia’s airmail system, but at the time it was the longest airmail flight in the world.

First FlightThe Aviation Historical Society of Australia (NSW) inc, Air Mail Centenary Commemoration Group are organizing the re-enactment and the landing at Moore Park will be part of the Bastille Day celebrations hosted by the Consul-General.  Special stamps will be issued by Australia Post. 

Flying 1The original route will form the basis of the re-enactment flight, but there will be slight alterations.  The original route was Flemington Showground (now racecourse), Seymour (possibly Mangalore), Wangaratta, Albury, Wagga Wagga, Harden, Liverpool ( Bankstown or Camden), then Moore Park. The take-off will be 9.12am on Saturday 12th July, landing Sydney 2.25pm on Monday 14th July.The basic mail load will be carried in a Jabiru, but other aircraft are very welcome to join in the flight, either for the whole journey or for one or two sections. There will be backup and support from larger aircraft, including a Caribou supplied by HARS, with expenses paid by Shell.  To be kept informed email:  guillauxcentenary@gmail.com .

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